Can my GSA SER settings get my private proxies banned ?

funianrunfunianrun United States
edited July 2017 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Proxies are tricky for me, they are expensive and can be dumped down the toilet with one false click.

I  want to avoid getting anymore google bans if I buy more private proxies(already killed 30 with scrapebox)

What should(n't) one do in GSA SER if they want to keep their proxies alive ?

Also how is GSA SER using the proxies ? What i've gleamed is the GSA bot makes a thread(a unique browser instance),then uses a proxy with the thread.  Does GSA SER have servers that play a part in this process? thats the part i don't understand

I heard in scrapebox you are supposed to increase delay to 90-120 seconds to avoid bans when looking for 2.0s(which still killed mine, i need to increase to 240-480 seconds with next months proxies) .  

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