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Quick question! is there a need to index 2nd tier links or just first tier, or all tiers?

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  • VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    I'm sending 2nd tier for Indexing.
  • @mo1962mn back when I was doing tiering, I would count on my T3 to index the T2. There are some good services out there. I just found that those lower quality links were dropped pretty quickly so it seemed like a waste of resource to me.
  • so you are just indexing tier 1 or directly your money site? 
  • Tim89Tim89
    There would be no point in using or building a 3 tier pyramid or strategy if you're not at least actively trying to index your first two tiers.

    Tier 1 links are your properties, Tier 2 + is the juice.

    Your ranking power comes from how good these tier 1 and 2 sources ultimately are... use turd tier 1 and 2 links and you won't have long last results.
  • mo1962mnmo1962mn ireland
    yes just indexing tier 1, I was hoping that adding other tiers would help with indexing

  • I think the whole idea of tiering is part of the past in seo. Think about it, where does it end? If a T3 is good, then why not a T4, or even a T10. That logic would mean that the more tiers the better. It would never end. As I stated on other threads, I have moved pretty much to PBN's as my primary tool for ranking my MS. I focus mainly on what G has always said to focus on - high quality, unique on-site content, both for my MS and my PBN's. So far it is working. I am waiting for the next major algo reset to see if it has been the right thing to do. A really high percentage of your T2 +T3 will drop off over time. So if you go that route, you will need to keep blasting away to backfill the losses. I always keep an open-mind on future tactics. If blasting away starts working again, I will be blasting away. Until then though I focus on unique content.
  • @viking ; did you have time, i want pm you some questions about PBNs. thanks
  • @foxymak good to hear from you again. Of course, pm any time.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited July 15
    @viking - in theory more tiers are better, but the additional link juice costs money to create because of servers, proxies etc. Each time you move up a tier (say a t1 link to your money site) you're losing about 15% of the link juice. I can't prove it, but my guess is that folks have settled on three tiers because it's about the point where the extra juice stops justifying the extra costs.

    Can't really argue with the rest :)
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    @viking even though you have now switched to PBNs, is GSA SER still a tool you use alot for creating diversity? (PBN is power ?)  I mean will your gsa ser skills go to waste now?
  • @funianrun good question! I haven't used SER once in two months. My rankings are stable. My upper tiers have largely dissolved. I am only doing PBN's and 100 unique content (not spun at 100%). Content that I write for each post. Some PBN's are sitting at T2 level. That's it. So far it is ok having crept up a bit more recently. 
    Re: SER it remains an essential tool in my toolbox. Just not using it right now. But remember it is only a tool. Much more critical is your strategy.

    @redrays I hear you. I am just not convinced that what we refer to as 'link juice' even matters anymore. G has upped their game considerably beyond our ability to recognize what is going on. In my case, when I stopped using all seo automation and drift, I noticed two things; my rankings did not drop, and my upper tiers were largely gone and I had a lot of T2/T3 built. I agree that solid links are valuable, but I am on the fence whether spammy links are worth the resource spend. I have pocketed a few hundred per month in not buying proxies or paying for subscriptions. I'll definitely report back here in the coming months. It's interesting being in the white hat camp these days. And it is such a relief not sweating the grind everyday of scraping and building. Still in LV? I have a tradeshow in late August I may attend and would be great to finally meetup!

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - they've gotten a lot better at stripping link juice, even off certain kinds of pbns. I still think SER has its uses, and I actively use it right now, but truthfully I haven't seen a fully automated pyramid ranking anything worthwhile in Google for quite some time.

    I just got home from a long vacation last week, and I'm planning to stick around for most / all of August. Let me know :)
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    @viking okay thank you!
    This seems like a very confusing time to be getting into SEO.  
    I think blackhat is way cooler culture if it has any liveable ROI
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