User Tasks - Weekly To Do List

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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What tasks are people performing regularly?

1) Stop all active projects, then change to verify only and then run?
2) Stop all active projects, then change to verify emails only and then run?
3) Update all email addresses to new ones every week?
4) Take a sample of verified links and manually check them?
5) Do you check proxies 1 per week?
6) Do check each project email to ensure it's not blacklisted?

7) Do you daily check for updates to the SER program?
8) Do you daily check for updates to the Indexer program?
9) Daily read the forum get more understanding. 
10) Run a backup of all projects 1 per day?

I have been using the program for a few months now, and there are just so many features!

At the moment it is taking a lot of my time and I am wondering if there may be an easier way? (Not that I mind at this stage, but will need to train someone in these tasks then)

Also - I may be missing something very important, so if I am missing any steps please let me know! Or if I am doing any extra steps that are not necessary.


  • I do Daily checks to update program.  As well as read the forum Daily,  this one and BHW.

    Weekly,  I mainly just check the emails to see if they are blacklisted after 500 verified. and check proxies and that's really about it.  than I just let it run like crazy.  I don't import my own lists from SB or anything of the sort.  Sure, I could be missing out on a lot of links here.

    But i'm after making as many sites per day as i can and ranking them with GSA.  I'm at 50+ sites all ranked on the 1st page from this so far.
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