OFF TOPIC SUBJECT - need expert advice.

Hi all,
Have to say I have been using SER a bit less the past month. Not that I think it is of less value but because I have been busy with other things. Interestingly, my rankings have gone up a bit during the month. Not sure what to think about that.
As I am about to do something crazy, I thought I would reach out for some advice if any is available before I shoot myself in the foot, as I have been prone to do.
So, I own a brand. An actual brand that makes products. We are primarily sold in the U.S. and some small int'l markets.
Next week, we are sending off a few pallets to China. Behind that we are lining up a lot of potential sales channels. Massive market for us. 
Here is the question. I need to really crank up my 'brand name' awareness online. To be honest I am not sure if the Chinese use Google, Bing, or another engine. Also have no clue as to what social media platforms are most used. Given the immense size of the market, I am dusting off SER and am going to start scraping on SB2 like a maniac. I am going old school T1<T2<T3 initially with translated manual content. Good/bad? From there I am going to build out some PBN's. But I need a tool to track some kind of metric but I don't know what to track. Also sites like Alibaba have buyers that track search requests and will reach out to those brands to buy their product (a goal of mine) so I would like to find a way to jam certain engines/markets with search queries.
Any advice/comments are greatly appreciated.


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