What do you consider to be a safe ATR?

As the title says, just curious to what everyone thinks can be a safe Anchor Text Ratio and do you even bother using it/working it out.

To me, ATR shouldn't even exist because say we are the kind of webmaster who doesn't do backlinks. Then in G's eyes we are supposed to obtain them "naturally" from quality content.......

Then why would this even matter? Everyone could link back to us naturally using the exact same keywords, so why would they think about ATR.
I've never really been arsed about it. In my eyes, the more anchors you have the better. 50+ per niche.

To me, ATR doesn't matter, what about you?


  • Accepted Answer
    From experience I see sites ranking like mofos with just naked or brand name anchors, no keywords. It doesnt make sense really to have kw anchors as if I wanted to let you know about an authority website on anchor text I would just add a naked link here.

    But with PBNs I don't want to use naked links as it'll be easy for competitors to find and flag them. That's said I'm moving more towards naked or click here type anchors.

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