powering up your pbns

Hello, once you get an expired domain, how do you power it up?


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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    build tiers to it!
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    Hi Tim,
    thanks for your answer.

    That is exactly what I am thinking about. The question is what sort of links are best for powering up an expired domain. I simply wouldn't like to burn it.

    I got a verified list which I paid for (still hard for me to assess its quality) which mainly consists of social networks, bookmarks, articles. Is it reasonable to use it as T2 (pointing to my PBN) or should I get some web20 first and then power them up with GSA?

    Or maybe some other solution?

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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    I wouldn't use SER links for powering up PBNs.

    For extra juice, I would use Web 2.0s with good, readable content with at least 2 tiers deep, before I then tier them with SER.

    It really depends on the PBN domain in question, if it's a mediocre domain, then I'd power it up using the method above, however, if it's an expensive PBN domain you've found or purchased from a broker for £££££ then I would not bother powering it up.
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    Thanks again, I bought some cheap expired domains with some basic link profile (around 10RD with contextual links). They still work fine, however I would like to boost them a bit.

    Do you think rankerx (premium social networks) will work fine in terms of web 20 you mentioned?

    If so, how many such links would you build in total per PBN?
    Can I use an article created in seo content machine and spinned with wordai for this purpose?
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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    I'd say TurboWeb 2.0 or possibly SEREngines (if it works) and yes, if you have RankerX to hand, that would work fine..

    I wouldn't go overboard with the tier 1 links (the links pointing directly to your PBN) perhaps a few rounds of links to good quality Web 2.0 sources, then you can go big at the tier 2 and tier 3.

    When you're wanting to powerup a PBN domain as you mentioned, the trick is not to go overboard at the tier 1 level, keep it as legit looking at possible and always build these links promoting the PBN domain name/brand, not for the purpose of your money site, you are wanting to create branding properties for your PBN tier 1 links, you're not wanting to create links primarily focusing your actual niche.

    An example being, your PBN domain is = www.bestblueshoes.com

    You'll want to create properties from good Web 2.0 sites, here is the list that TurboWeb 2.0 has;


    The keywords for your tier 1 links should be like, www.bestblueshoes.com, Best blue shoes on the market, http://www.bestblueshoes.com, bestblueshoes.com, http://bestblueshoes.com and also the property domain names should include the PBN domain url or branding eg: bestblueshoes.wordpress.com, bestblueshoes.tumblr.com etc etc

    And I would do perhaps 5 or so rotations of (different emails/accounts) this sitelist and create branding properties for the homepage and blog post pages and use these links as a base to build on, then just build tiers to these links.

    Doing this will keep the trust of the PBN domain as you're not building thousands of links directly to the PBN domain itself..

    You could use content machine for your content but just make sure it's readable so your properties pass manual review which will also increase the longevity of your links.

    Using this strategy is well worth the time but time is money and some people would just prefer to spend more ££££ on their PBN domains instead of using resources.
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    Excellent post - cheers
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    IMHO I don't power up my expired domains. I prefer to bought a lot with a SEO weight than wasting time trying to power up once.
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    Tim I just wanted to follow-up and get one more thing straight.
    You said not to go overboard with the links pointing directly to the PBNs. In such a case, if I set 3x campaigns with 30 web20 each (90 in total), will it be ok/too much/too little? As for T2 I was thinking about 200 links (articles/wikis/social networks/social bookmarks) per each web20 T1.

    Also, what proportion of these T1 links would you use for homepage/blog post with link/other blog posts? I was thinking of pointing them all to the blog post with link.
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    As always...don't listen to everything you read - try things yourself and find out. 

    There's some conflicting information to what I've been testing/then doing for the past year.

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    edited March 2017

    Hello Judder,
    Tim89 have said. If I haven't tested it yet I would therefore really like to give it a shot.

    I am in that moment of my SEO career when I read a lot and try to carry out as many tests as possible.

    Also, if anyone else is willing to pass me some hints on what to read/test in terms of ranking with PBNs (powering them up and so on) I would really appreciate this.

    Best regards
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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    In my personal opinion a link is a link, even if you spent £££££ of a PBN domain, if you have access to blue chip backlinks that will fortify your PBN domain, then why not...

    Powering up your PBN domains or even the PBN post(s) URLs would always add benefits to the power of that link, it just depends on the time and effort required to do so and if it's worth your while.

    A few additional promotional links added to a PBN domain coming from decent sources can only increase its impact in rankings in my opinion, but it needs to be done strategically/properly in order to maintain the domains authority/trust, you shouldn't just throw any old tat to it.
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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    @melaton you could just promote the article/post URL if you want.. but doing both the article posts and also the homepage of the PBN domain, will increase the overall ranking benefits from any future posts you may add to the domain.

    Those numbers sound healthy to me, just make sure the content is OK and I always recommend using a tool such as Back Link Monitor, to keep a track on all your campaigns to see if and when a link becomes deleted.

    If you can spare further resources, then I would layer your tier 1s with another layer of Web 2.0s before you use SER at them or if you can straight up do 3 layers of tiers using decent sources, you should.
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    @Tim89 , thanks for the great reply
    I have some thoughts about web 2.0 T1, in your opinion creating T1 with old web 2.0 accounts(not expired web 2.0 just use to push other before), or brand new accounts?
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    No need to power them up, I like to keep them clean.
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