Delay for sending verifieds to indexing service to save money.

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Evening @sven,

I know you are busy but could you put some sort delay between verification and sending to indexer option into SER when you get some spare time?

Link retention has always been an issue with spam links, the difference in totals between the verification day and verification day + 7/ + 14/ + 30 can be pretty big. With indexing being harder these days and the indexing services that work having to charge more per link indexing credit to get the job done it can add up to be a fair bit of money being wasted on indexing credits for links that are removed for whatever reason.

Essentially I do it by hand now, I let the URL’s verify then a week or so later I manually get whats left and put it through an indexing service.

I’m getting ready to start scaling up SER based link building over the coming month so it would save me and I'm sure other users time and money if there was an option in the options tab of projects near to the “Send verified link to indexer services” option similar to the box for “when to verify” or “Re-verify backlinks every” with a tick box to say delay sending to indexing service and then the numbers box where the user can in put how many days they want the delay to take place.




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