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hi guys,
i need some help so ill describe my scenario!

i have a website that automatically generate content
i have a pbn of 10,000 sites which my content is post to them and with internal links between the pbn
each got unique content, readble.
i worked on this project for 2 years!!!

so my main concern is how to make my PBN SITES google friendly with nice t1,t2,t3 link building so i want to use gsa for it
every content that my system is posting need back linking, so every url is a project...
i want to automate the project building so will not have todo it by hand (apx 800 urls per day).

any ideas ? paid services/addons
thanks for any tip,


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    Just to clarify, you want to use SER to SEO 800 backlinks each day? 
  • 800 projects, i got good hw, lot of proxies(10,000), good cloud server and i build all slowly

  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Whats your goal with the 800 URLs? Are you just trying to hit them with a few thousand links or something?
  • good question.
    it will make my pbn more quality.
    so every link OUT from it.

    im also trying to crush some competitors, so assuming i got few diff sites on page 1...
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    What kind of experience do you have with SER?

    Also, you never answered the question. Is it just a few thousand links you are sending to each page or are you planning on tiering them up?

    What kind of hardware do you have available?
  • shaun,
    doing white hat seo for 14 yrs..
    last 2 yrs took my manual methods, fully automate ++++++ and trying to build t2,3 to my PBN SITES.
    i got much more expirence with real seo, most likely more than most of the guys here..
    but im new to GSA,basically, i think its a none working product, but , since its my T3,T2, i dont mind testing it for few months on an isolated pbn, faked sites i got for this sole purpose of testing.

    about hw...i got more than i need.
    my main concern is with automate the process of projects creation, can u help with this q ?

  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    More hardware than you need is not necessarily more than this project needs especially if you are wanting to use it for your T2 and T3 as you say.

    On paper it is possible but in reality I doubt it can be done even with low comp keywords.
  • thx shaun,
    so u saying this tool not really working ?
    or it will require a manual setting per url .?
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    edited September 2016
    The tool does what it says, it builds links.

    What I'm saying is you are needing far too many projects for what is financially viable. When I was using SER as my main source of links I had dedicated servers broken down into three VPS’ knocking out up to 1,500,000 links per day each VPS. This was designed to cover a three tier approach with around 50 target pages. I don't remember how long I left the projects running but I would imagine it would have been around a month to see any real movement targeting the exact same 50 target pages.

    From what I understand you are using your “PBN” as your T1 and from what you have said about it so far I would imaging it is actually what I class as a Fresh Blog Network, not what I would class as an actual PBN. So SER will be your T2/T3 and it will need to be working on 500 new target pages for your T1 each day. Even when just targeting the 500 URLs you push out a single day the T3 requirements for them will grow exponentially as the T2 grows. 

    If this is the case then say for your T2 you push 50 contextual links to your 500 T1 links per day, and then for your T3 you push 25 non contextual links to your T2 links, and my current thinking is that your T3 non contextual links needs to be higher than this but lets leave it at 25 for now.

    Now because I'm sad/curious lets do a little math to try work out what kind of cost this is going to be if I do understand you correctly. I will have to use costs for hardware of what I know the link counts of.

    Day 1

    T1 - 500
    T2 - 25,000
    T3 - 625000

    Total links from SER - 650000 for the day.

    Day 30

    T1 - 500
    T2 - 750,000
    T3 - 18,750,000

    Total links from SER - 19,500,000 for the day.

    This is just for one days worth of your T1 links over a 30 day period, lets push this up to a months worth.

    Day 60 with the first 30 days worth of T1.

    T1 - 15,000
    T2 - 22,500,000
    T3 - 562,500,000

    Total links from SER - 585,000,000 for the day.

    Now the servers I mentioned earlier cost around $120 per month and can be broken down into three VPS’ knocking out 1,500,000 links per day so you would need 130 of these to manage just 15,000 T1 links. That alone is a cost of $15,600 per month (if you still decide to go ahead with this let me know and you can use my affiliate link for the servers :P) on top of this you require proxies, just under 400 versions of SER, just under 400 version of CB.


    I just reread your first post and saw this…..

    “so my main concern is how to make my PBN SITES google friendly with nice t1,t2,t3 link building so i want to use gsa for it”

    If you are wanting to use SER as a T1 for your FBN sites with a T2 and T3 then the link counts become even more crazy.

  • shuan , thx for your reply, but its not about automation.
    my pbn is not "new"
    well indexed.
    im only asking about automation here, if u have any scripts/tips to share it will be nice.

    here what i got from support:

    > there is a script engine where you can build up this all on your own.



    about hw..i got 103 good hw arround the globe, im not going to create more then 1000 links per page.(t2,t3)
    and im writing some scripts to find good source of links, not spammy sources..

    take care with your link buildnig ,seems like lot of efforts , but not sure about the long run..
    really, the amt of resources and links generated will surely going to get you down..

    quality < quantity, make it 5 good links per day...will be more then enough.
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