I get GSA Ranker like a gift

I get GSA Ranker like a gift, when i try to register i put name and serial number push ok, get notification for restart, i push ok and nothing happen.
I restart software manualy and its nothing, its a demo version. 
Any help ?? i can send all what i get in email like a gift....

Please help me!


  • I am not able to login to "Avangate customer area " but its say that "Order complete. All products/services have been delivered."
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    Someone else sent you the license info?

    Presumably the license info is bad if it is not authorizing. I dont recall any sort of error message.

    Anyways, contact Sven through the customer support email. He doesnt like to discuss licensing issues publicly :)
  • IkoIko Croatia
    edited September 2016 Accepted Answer
    1linklist i recive it like a gift so yes i get it from someone ellse, i will not buy it like a gift for to myself :)

    Sven answered to me, problem resolved :)

    Thanx Sven
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