Having trouble with my first go.

I'm having a bit of trouble running my first campaign. I've generated my target url's and then I imported them. Ive disabled every language except english and every country except uk and u.s. 

I'm pretty much getting hung up at the start and havent accomplished anything yet... any clue as to why its doing this? I load 100k+ url's and then it basically runs for a second and then clears them

09:48:39: Starting project
09:48:39: [-] country filter Germany matches - http://www.bibsonomy.org/register
09:48:40: [-] country filter Switzerland matches - http://linkarena.com/register
09:48:40: [+] 3/3 matches engine diigo.com - https://secure.diigo.com/sign-up
09:48:40: [-] 3/3 no form at all - https://secure.diigo.com/sign-up
09:52:39: [ ] Attention! No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no site list enabled, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    well all log entries above show at least no error. The detected countries are correct.
  • splendidbsplendidb usa
    edited September 2016
    Hi Sven, thanks for chiming in. I guess I will play around with it some more
  • shaunshaun http://shaunmarrs.com/ - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Make a burner project aiming at google.com and remove all country restrictions. Mess about with it like that being able to do what you like with your projects and not having to worry about your sites.
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