How to check captcha solving rate in GSA SER?

I'm currently using GSA Breaker as first service, captcha solutions, and death by captcha as third. 
So how to check the solving rate of captchas. Is there an option in GSA SER to see those stats?


  • Accepted Answer
    i also want to know how to do this
  • AamdiiAamdii Albania
    It's nice for us users of captcha services to have something in our hands. To be honest, I haven't seen a fair captcha service in my whole time doing link building. Captcha solutions, dbc, you name it. Captcha breaker does more job than these two, and for a cheep one-time fee. Captcha services all they do is grab money out of you and little rate of captcha solving
  • SvenSven
    you see the stats in the C: column in the status bar. The negative number are the identified captchas that are not solved correctly.
  • @sven, yeah but that doesnt really help when you are trying to figure out if a 3rd party service is actually working the way it advertises. that negative number could be captcha breaker fails or OCR fails you don't know which
  • I have the same questions as well, it seems there is no way to identify the success rate of the OCR service in real time, hence, I have no idea to evaluate which provider works better.
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