finding a person with his email

Hello guys!
I need to find out how I can find a person "behind" an email!
Let me explain please - I´ve "met" a nice man on a chatroom in Germany and he tells me the nicest things ever and after a while he asked me if I want to meet him in Paris, where he lives.
I...stupid as I am°°...took a train to Paris, payed 200 euro for this trip...arrived there one was there.
So, don´t tell me that I am a stupid girl because I know that! All I want is to find out who is the person behind this emails.
I need to find that to come away from that, that´s just important for me.
I´m not a great hero at pc and so technical things I am really not so good...
So I hope someone here can help me, telling me how to find someone like this catfish!
I tryed to find this person with the ip in text of the headder of the email but all I get there is the location of the this case Microsoft and Bill is not the guy I am looking for for sure!^^
Please help me!
Thank you,
greets from Germany!


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