Problem with pop3 login

Seems that pop3 login isn't working for ssl and non-ssl login if this is checked in edit project>email setting>"overwrite the default e-mail settings for the verification process"

Error is unable to login to pop3 acccount, authentication failed

but if i don't check the "overwrite the default e-mail settings for the verification process"  and click on tools>email validation

than pop-up opens where i enter the same pop3 login details and it does login and after selecting parse emails, it gets the list of emails but that's it, not sure if the verification link was found in those emails and clicked. Progress bar just runs and completes but there is no information about how many links were found and clicked etc.  most of the emails seem to be coming about promoting knitting daily pinterest pins.

Anyway directory list isn't anywhere near what it used to be 5 years ago when i bought it for 1 year.  please sven have a look and update us.

What type of directories can be added to website submitter for it to work with those directories?. Any particular engine directories work better with submitter?.


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