the best way to build backlinks Using RankerX and GSA

I'll create tier1 with 150 sites quality high PR backlinks for my Moneysites(using

I'll create tier 2 & 3 links over 3 days using GSA. Will be made up of ..

Tier 2 (Directed To Your Tier 1) - Min Domain Rank of PR 1 made up of the main platform types inc articles, web 2.0 etc.

Tier 3 (Will build links to the tier 2 properties made by GSA) - Any PR made up of all of the above + other available platforms. GSA Indexer will get these pages discovered (which in turn should index the tier 2 properties).

If you any problem, please comment and discuss together.


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    Why use rankerX when FCSnetworker can do so much better? 
  • Because 150 sites quality high PR backlinks for Tier1 of RankerX is amazing : wordpress, tumbrl, twitter, bittly, google bookmarking, ping,... Then, Using GSA for tier2 is very very great!
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    I am looking forward to Ranker X releasing their SaaS version next month! It looks really powerful, I think FCS still has the upper hand right now as they only focus on premium platforms and focus their time on them 100% where as Ranker X do a few other ones. It is defo one to watch.

    codyjason Are you asking for feedback on your method or presenting it as a guide?
  • I use FCS too. Can create unlimited accounts. Easy to use. Has API with GSA. The road is paved, just need to drive the car.
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    Well...RankerX ...this is a solid piece of software people. It's amazing with lots of new high authority websites. Just give it a's a free trial , easy to use with high success rate. And when you use our beloved GSA SER with it as tier 2 you will get amazing results.
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    I don't believe that any guys who posted up there seriously used FCS networker. Success rate is very poor. I gave up after a month. RankWyz was quite okie, success rate was slightly better but is degrading over time, lots of bugs remain unresolved. I started to try RankerX a week ago. Success rate is pretty amazing, lots of high authority sites I must say top notch. Highly recommend for tier 1 and then blast them all with GSA.

    Also I lost faith in SaaS services like RankWyz, they are just not reliable at all. Why don't just buy a VPS with $20 and install RankerX, GSA SER, and Captcha Breaker, it's much more stable and will save you lots of money.

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    Well i think i will try them for 1 month then, i wasn't really impressed with their trial version. Will keep you posted. 
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    Just spent a few hours playing with Ranker X, so far it kicks FCS Networkers ass in every aspect! I am going to wait a few days to check the stick rate of the sites. If they hold up then FCS Networker is gone!
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    I will give the trail a try and report back. Like I said, I use FCS with decent success, but if Ranker X is better then I will add it to my bag of tricks.
  • Thanks for sharing infomation

    I used RankerX with high success. It's a amazing.

    This is some advantages:
    - It's based on Web 2.0 technologies so you can install it on your own server and use your local browsers to operate it: For an example:, if your VPS has the IP of, and RankerX runs on port 8080. You can fire up your local browser (maybe on your iPad, Iphone, PC,...) and type in: to access RankerX
    - You can install other software like Captcha Breaker, Kontent Machine and also some other third party services on your VPS

    I love RankerX and GSA so much!
  • born2winborn2win India
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    I got huge success rate (both submission & account creation) using rankerx.

    For tier 1 Rankerx is good.

    I have seen already good SERP improvement.. here is my template.

    Tier1 (rankerx - social bookmarks, guest post, articles, web 2.0)
    Tier 2 (Gsa - only do follow, contextual, Only post <100 OBL & above pr1
    tier 3 (all type links from GSA)

    Impressed with this guys.. Looking for next update..
  • codyjasoncodyjason New York
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    I total agree with Born2win

    I'm also looking forward to next update of RankerX.  They seem addition blogspost, wikidot,... to next version

    Awesome! combine two tools software(RankerX for Tier1 & 2, GSA for Tier3, 4, 5).

    : google rank #3 in 2 week When I used them
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    Are you a shill? You seem to know a lot of the upcoming features and make some pretty bold statements - especially considering that's not even your site.


    Codyjason claimed to have ranked for iPhone 6 Plus. 

  • codyjasoncodyjason New York
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    Of course!  that's not my site. I only tested on the site with keyword "iPhone 6 Plus" and URL: . The first,It page2 ranking. Then I use RankerX for Tier 1, 2 and GSA tier3 ,4 ,5 to build backlinks. Result is  google rank #3 with that keyword
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    Do you really think people are that retarded?! You gotta up that shilling game because a quick backlink check for that URL shows you're making things up.
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    @rogerke this thread as a whole feels like a lot of shillin support for this tool... 

  • I appreciate your help. At first, I afraid that using software will effect to my websites. So,I use other sites to experiment GSA and RankerX. I used Senuke, Magic Submitter, FCS Networker,... But Combine between RankerX and GSa are greatest. That's think about them
  • My friend's cousin's dog ranked number 1 for the term "Google" using rankerZ. And did it whilst benchpressing the world. Pretty cool, huh?
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    codyjason mate, the method you posted is full of holes for starters. Also the carphone warehouse page will have a much better chance of ranking for that term so that test (if you even did it) proves nothing.

    rogerke  In all fairness he may have blasted it with Ranker X but his indexing method is useless so I doubt even AHRefs and such have picked the links up, never mind Google.

    Shame this thread has gone to crap as I have spent the past few hours playing with Ranker X and its the best Web 2.0 submitter I have ever used.

    Already on the drawing board designing concepts to test to pair it with SER to see how things go!
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    @shaun i will have to agree, rankerX is a pretty neat tool after spending more hours on testing it. My bad i didn't spend sufficient time testing before judging. 

    I went up and have some private talk with the owner, he is very helpful and willing to improve RankerX, it can be a real web 2.0s beast with more suggestion from here and there. :)
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    peterngo91  yea I spoke to him on skype and he is very open to receiving constructed criticism and suggestions.
  • I got FCS almost a week ago and learned about RankerX yesterday. Guess who has requested a refund for FCS Networker now.

    RankerX is 20 times better than FCS. The owner is a nice guy who is open for suggestions and provides fast support.
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    @shaun ;

    Not a chance. Majestic didn't pick up a single link and that's just plain impossible. Also good luck ranking these kind of keywords with web2.0's these days, lmao. I could check past Semrush data to conclusively proof he's wrong, but I'm not going to waste any more time with this chill.

    Rankerx might very well be a good web2.0 tool, but this kind of shilling really turns me off TBH.


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    rogerke  fair one, his indexing method will probably have put urls in their index but no way in Googles.

    Its a good tool, the more I use it the more I like it. Going to migrate all of my PBN management over to it tomorrow. 
  • I totally agree with Shaun
  • rogerke.

    I built around 15k backlinks in a period of 2-3 weeks with GSA SER and 6k with RankerX.

    I just fired it and created 3 different campaigns pointing to the same page but each one building links with the 3 anchor texts that I wanted to rank. I also added a few generic anchor texts like: click here, read here and the URL of the domain to make it look natural.

    Here’s how my GSA looked:

    churn burn SEO backlink GSA

    After 3 weeks each GSA and RankerX campaign had built:

    churn burn SEO backlink ahrefs

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    Can someone ban this idiot, please?

    You're either the owner of Stream SEO or you're stealing his pictures. In any case that blast wasn't directed to the iPhone 6 Plus page and not done with RankerX (both the Stream SEO say this and its domain wasn't registered until 2015-05-07)

    Your worthless shilling and lying aren't going to help your company grow dude. 

    Edit: you aren't even the owner of SEO STREAM:

    "This part was really easy. I built around 40k backlinks (VS your 15k links) in a period of 3-5 weeks with GSA SER."
  • lol ... codyjason plz stop being a jerk!!

    I don't know who is codyjason and why he is doing this foolishness BUT I tried it myself and this new tool is very good.
  • About to try it as well. Despite this shilling the sitelist looks very impressive. 
  • Dear rogerke,

    I am so sorry for that. I am a heavy GSA SER user but was looking for a software for 1st tier so I was unexpectedly high :(
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