Not responding

Not it happens too often i think. 
As long as it hits 100% CPU load there is Not responding for one min. This is what was not there before...



  • BTW I'm talking about version 9.00
  • And seems that it even do not need to hit 100% CPU load.
    I'm testing right now and lowering threads but anyway very often I'm getting not responding even when there is not 100% CPU load
  • Okay check version v8.99 no not responding. PC works very slow as CPU is overloaded but no not responding:


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Accepted Answer
    Maybe try restarting your PC then because both versions are running ok on my side. CPU at 3%. 
  • I'm not wasting resources. My PC is set to run at 100% and I do not want that SER freezes at that... 

    I restarted PC before, this is not an issue. 

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    @botman maybe some Microsoft app (Defender) or anti virus program interferring the internet access?
  • @Sven do you think that this not responding is related to internet access ? 

    Because I have changed some settings in my network card configuration related to this issue

    And i solved previous problem...
  • But no then why version v8.99 gives me far less not responding and also faster resolves and starting to work again than v9.00 

    I would like to test with example v8.98 and maybe some previous versions, as this problem is something new and started to pop out somewhere in latest builds...
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    should really not be related to the version at all.
  • @Sven why there is not possible to download some older versions of SER ? 
    I would like to test with older ones...
  • SvenSven
    well I for myself never keep an old version as Im sure it only improves with every version...ok well sometimes not but usually it is.
  • @botman send me PM with version you want.
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