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  • OK i use 65% ,buy now,
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    Hey guys, Unfortunately the 65% coupon is no longer valid for *new* customers (Current subscribers are not effected.) However "GSAFORUM" will still get you an instant 50% off recurring :) Regards, -Jordan and the 1Linklist team
  • Can you answer a question i placed at helpdesk 4 days ago ? 
  • Im also still waiting for a response to my helpdesk question from a week ago...
  • hello, is it still available? do you have any coupons?
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ - http://1linklist.com
    Hey guys,

    All support tickets should he caught up now. Delays of up to 48 hours have been a problem for the last few weeks as I'm currently travelling to a location with no service a few times a week.


    The coupon code GSAFORUM is still valid for fifty percent off.


    -Jordan and the 1linklist team
  • Still waiting for a reply from several days ago about your auto update sync not working... I've been unable to auto sync the list now for 2+ weeks due to having to wait for days or 1 week+ for a simple reply to my ticket.  Hopefully this isn't the standard of customer support that is given to customers for the long term; if so, i don't see myself keeping this service for long.
  • @1linklist I would like to try this out.But last comments pulling me down to try out your service. Can you confirm the last update date ? After purchased if the list is not up to date you are going to refund right ?
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    Hey eiNa,

    Updates still go out daily. The user above you had issues setting up autosync, and seemed to have trouble following the additional instructions we provided.

    For everybody else-

    1Linklist is undergoing scheduled maintenance today, and the website should be back online within the next few hours. We're just moving everything over to a newer server.


  • Hi Dan 

    Thank you for your response. 

    Guess what ?

    I did purchase SEP 28 th and today is OCT 20th 

    And last update was SEPTEMBER 27th ? 

    Here is the screenshot : 

    Whats going on ? 

  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ - http://1linklist.com
    edited October 2018
    Hey eiNa,

    We're aware of this issue and addressing this problem currently. Any missing links should show up in your user area within the next 24 hours.

    We don't have a single master list, and split new verifieds up in groupings (to preserve freshness and keep them from being over-used). We've had a issues on some servers, and are reassigning affected users and rolling out patches to the affected servers right now.

    I thank you for your continued patience while we get this sorted out. If you'll open a support ticket (or pm me here with your user id) we will try to give you some bonuses to make up for any down time.

    Edit:This offer applies to any affected users. In fact letting us know will help us narrow down affected server nodes. So please let us know! I have over 78 nodes to go through and it saves us a lot of time. 

  • 1linklist 

    Thank you mate. It's updating now. But it loose half of my month. I hope you will give more links in future. 

  • Do you have any coupons?
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