GSA Search Engine Ranker Video Tutorials *Updated 2017-03-27*

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New Overview Video created by @loopline showing the new Website Contact Mass contact form submitter:

EDIT: I (@Sven) have moved the following video to the top as it is probably the most complete one even though some items updated over the years or@loopline i elements changed. The video however with all it's tips and tricks is probably still the best one. Thanks to the original author.


Please view the video tutorials to get a better understanding on how GSA Search Engine Ranker works. (Sorry for low volume in some of the videos)

*NOTE* Its best to watch all videos in full screen HD for better sound/clarity.

The "bad word filter list" which is mentioned in one video can be downloaded here:

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Footprint Studio Overview

How To Get Started With Captcha Breaker

A brief video on pulling content from folders:

New video covering the basics of the Global Site Lists and other Advanced options:

Setting Up Multi-Tiering

How To Setup a Quality Campaign

Setting Up Proxies (using proxy scraper)


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