[QUESTION] Use Global Site List Only

If i tick use global site list only on select project > right click > set status > (active) use global site list only does it use my identified site list or what ? 


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    It uses which ever ones you selected in the project options page
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    This is funny but I just explained this a minute ago to a buyer of our lists, so I may just copy and paste what I wrote him:

    You can use a list out of any of the 4 main ports in Main>Options. Obviously, most people who use SER to scrape only use one port - verified. But what if you bought a list, or even two lists - what would you do? And how do you keep this stuff all straight?

    First of all, understand that in Main>Options, you should only ever have one box checked => Verified. In Main Options, you check the box where you want your sitelist built - this is where ser *WRITES" to a file to create a sitelist. Never check more than the verified box.

    In your projects, you are asked to choose if you want to *READ* a sitelist so that your projects can make links. For folks who use ser to scrape their own links, they would typically only check the box to *read* from the verified sitelist.

    But what if you actually bought a verified list - what would you do? You would import that sitelist into an empty folder, and then in Main>Options, you select where you want that folder to be *read from*. Since your Identified port is most likely collecting dust, we tell our customers to stick the folder with the purchased sitelist in there. But do not ever check that box in Main Options as you still will only *write* to the verified folder - which is your master sitelist.  

    By doing this, you now have the option in your projects to check either identified or verified to read those folders so you can build links. You can also check both folders in projects to read from both folders to make links. 

    So to wrap this up (and I hope it made sense):

    Check Boxes in Projects Sitelists = PORTS TO BE READ TO BUILD LINKS

    Check in Verified Box in Main Options = PORTS TO WRITE (only one!)

  • @Ron , if i choose verified only on project option, When i import target urls from file does it use the list from my file or from verified sitelist ?
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    @lemonzer - SER does things in order. So it will do things in the following order:

    1) First use whatever is in that project's Target URL Cache - which you can see and/or remove by right-clicking on the project, Show URLs>Show Remaining Target URLs

    2) Process any imported target URLs that you may have imported directly into the project - which gets loaded right behind any target URLs that may have been in there already

    3) It will then use any sitelist that you have pointed to in the project settings

    And then, and only if you completely run out of targets, and only if you have the following selected... 

    4) It would then scrape for new targets if you have search engines selected. If you don't, then it runs out of targets, and you get the message icon that says you are out of targets

    If you run lists, our standard recommendation is to have all search engines turned off. We don't believe in mixing lists with SER searching for target - as that is the point of using a list.

    Good luck! 
  • thanks @Ron , Very clear :) If i use own list and don't check any search engine, what do i need to select for status ? Active or use global site list ?
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    @lemonzer - I use just Active. Hell, I didn't even know they added that one in there for global sites lists until you made me look it up.

    I guess that second option is a way for the user to avoid going into each project to uncheck all search engines - to save time. So I guess if you were flipping around between search engines and sitelists that would be a timesaver.

    I would probably just stick with the regular Active. Nice catch by the way.  ;)

  • @Ron yes. I untick search engine and now my lPm is around 90-110 :D
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    If I changed the folder of Identified, use it before to save the links and now I unticked it from options... When I will tick it in project options to use from *Identified*, it will search the default folder or the folder that I previously created ?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread!
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